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Year 7 Subject Information

"The teachers go the extra mile to create opportunities for the children"


We aim to ensure that all of our students develop a life-long love for learning, through a broad and balanced curriculum which is exciting, innovative, challenging and flexible.  At least 12% of the time available is spent on each of the core elements of English, Maths and Science. Students also study, Art, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition, French or Spanish, Geography, History, Information & Communication Technology, Music, Performing Arts (Drama and Dance), Physical Education/Sports and Religious Education.

Please click on the subject links below where you can find videos narrated by Subject Leaders, and discover what Year 7 students will learn during their first year at Lutube ”∆Ķ, including the many opportunities available to them.

You can also find out specific information about Year 7 Curriculum Content & Pathways here Curriculum Content & Pathways by Year Group 


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