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Careers Logo Final Blue BorderAt Christ’s College we understand that our students require support, encouragement and information to grow into the best versions of themselves. 

We have created the Christ’s College Future Choices ProgrammeThis incorporates Careers, PHSE and Religious Sexual Education (RSE), with an imbedded ambition to raise the aspirations of our students. 

This programme runs through from the time they start in Year 7 and transitioning into secondary school up to looking at future choices and leaving us in Year 11. This runs on a rolling weekly plan. 

We regularly monitor the impact of our careers programme through a variety of measures. Taking feedback from students both through their Lutube ”∆Ķ journey in Student Council but also on results day.

We assess destinations of our students to ensure we are putting all our children in a position to succeed.

This gets reviewed annually in July.



Year 7 students will have tutor time lessons looking at a variety of topics ranging from transition and looking at the challenges secondary school brings while also exploring “My dream job” and starting to look at “what is a job?“ and careers and what they mean. 

Year 8  students will begin to look at what work is, looking at different options of work (full-time, self-employed) and complimenting that with employability skills. They will also spend time in computer rooms looking at career path research. 

Year 9 students continue their journey of discovery and look at aspirations and look to investigate specific careers in detail. This goes hand in hand with options choices, we recognise that this is a huge crossroads for their education, and we further support students with assemblies and tutor time lessons around specific subjects alongside parental information evenings 

Year 10 starts the process of exploring the post 16 steps, they also work on CV’s and touch on workplace stereotypes. They are encouraged to do research into colleges/sixth forms and potential career paths. While in Year 10 the students will take part in a career’s week where they will have amongst other things the opportunity to engage with various activities including being interviewed by a panel which will include college leadership and an external member of the working community this is to provide them with a first-hand interview experience.  There will be workshops to help with CV writing, interview help including preparation and dressing for success. There will also be meetings with further education providers including local colleges and sixth forms. 

Year 11 is when students will be making choices as to where they are going to study next year, they are supported in this by having time with our independent careers advisor and support with applications through Tutors, Progress Leader and Careers Leader. 


Careers  Advisor Meetings 

The College has a Careers Advisor who attends one day a week to carry out 1:1 sessions with students in Years 10/11.    Mr Annan is available every Friday in the Atrium Hub area before college, at breaks and lunch for students to come for advice and support around careers issues. 




Year 7 will start looking at the RSE curriculum and some of the topics covered in Year 7 consist of “Who am I?”, “Changing Bodies” and “Healthy inside and out” 

Year 8 the RSE program progresses and looks at similar topics but with more age-appropriate content. 

Year 9 RSE continues to focus on relationships and begins to look at contraception and fertility. 

Year 10 is where the RSE curriculum looks at some of the same topics covered in Year 9 but both in more detail and with age-appropriate content. 

Year 11 Students will look at all local colleges and sixth forms this will be in assemblies (virtual if appropriate) Open evening information is shared with parents/carers and prospectus’s are available in tutor rooms. 



Provider Access Lutube ”∆Ķ Statement 

Under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997, as of 2 January 2018, we have a duty to provide pupils in Years 8-13 with access to providers of post-14, post-16 and post-18 education and training. This policy statement sets out how we manage access requests from these providers.  

What are pupils entitled to? 

Pupils must be allowed to: 

  • Learn more about technical education qualifications and apprenticeship opportunities, as part of a careers programme which informs pupils of the full range of education and training options available to them at each transition point. 
  • Hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities on offer, e.g. technical education and apprenticeships – this can be achieved through options evenings, assemblies, group discussions, and taster events.  
  • Understand how to apply to the full range of academic and technical courses available to them.  

Who handles our access requests? 

Any provider wishing to request access should contact our Careers Leader Mr Z Annan.

Mr Z Annan - Careers Lead zannan@christscollege.surrrey.sch.uk (01483) 537373
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