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Enrichment Days

The Enrichment Day programme at Christ’s College is in place to ensure all students have a range of experiences throughout their college lives. Experiences that raise students' cultural capital, make them think about their futures, are inspiring and aspirational. These experiences can be physically, mentally or spiritually challenging, deliberately pushing students out of their comfort zone, seeing a world outside of their immediate surroundings and opening their eyes to wider national and international perspectives. Whilst providing students with these experience five Core Values, as well as develop an understanding of the five fundamental British values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths).

Activities that develop the students’ understanding of the world and their place in it are encouraged as we strive to make sure students leave school as well rounded individuals.

The intended outcomes for the Enrichment Day programme are as follows:

  1. That all students have a wide variety of experiences over their five years at Christ's College.
  2. That students develop their academic abilities through study skills, revision, resilience, teamwork, leadership and growth mindset.
  3. Students become more aware of national and international issues and have developed their appreciation of the fundamental British Values. For example..understanding UK democracy or learning more about different cultures or climate change.
  4. Students are exposed to careers advice and meet employers and employee’s, thus, engaging with their future selves.
  5. All students would visit a higher education campus and experience university life.



  • Careers
    • Future Choices Careers Event
    • Careers Enterprise Day
    • HEON
      • Visits to Brunel, Surrey and Royal Holloway Universities
      • Student Finance and University life
      • Higher Education workshops
  • Trips & visits
    • London - London Eye, QE Olympic Park, London Zoo, London walking tours, London bus tours, River boat trip
    • Marwell Zoo
    • Hampton Court Palace - History
    • Berlin Trip - History
    • Bletchley Park - Maths/IT
    • Wintershall Retreat day
    • 'Journey of Hope' churches walk in Guildford
  • Skills training
    • Revision Day and skills including revision planning, mindfulness, 
    • "Securing Your Prediction" Workshops
    • Army run team building day
    • Lectures and tutor activities centred around building the students Growth Mindset and Resilience 
    • Crystal Maze Team Building
    • Democracy Day
    • Study Skills Day
  • Duke of Edinburgh  preparation
  • First Aid
  • Beach Clean-up day
  • Inter-house Day
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